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How does it work?
Just as a plant needs a strong root system to grow properly and
sustain good health, the same concept should also be applied on human
being. The human root system is made up of the Central Nervous system
(brain and spinal cord) and the Cardiovascular system. Therefore, any
therapi applied directly on our Central nervous system (which is
connected to the spinal cord) will benefit the complete human body
well being.

Carefit Fully Automatic Thermal Massage Bed can be
your key to a relaxed & healthier life!. With our Infrared
Original Jade Masage Beds you can enjoy a deep, soothing,
rejuvenating massage whenever you want, for as long as you want. Just
relax and enjoy!

Carefit 5000 massage bed is made up of
original Jadeite gem stone rollers, which when heated, emits healing
far infrared rays which goes upto 3 inches deep in your body. These
healing infrared rays are of a particular spectrum which gives many
type of health benefits. The FIR rays are produced with the help of
original jade stones & carbon fibre inside the bed. Carefit-5000
bed has a set of 9 jade rollers in the back portion while other
korean beds are coming with only 4, 5 or 7 rollers at maximum. Out of
these 9 rollers, one is specially meant for cervical masage & 2
others are meant to cover the pain in shoulders too. There is another
set of 4 jade rollers for the leg which makes it a FULL BODY MASSAGE
, covering from head to toe. Carefit beds not only gives
you the benefits of far infrared rays, it also provides you the
therapy benefits of Rolling Massage, Acupressure, Moxibustion &
Negative Ions
. All these alternative therapies when combined through
our innovative Carefit-5000 bed technology, gives you the experience
looks due to its heavy duty wooden frame very attractive design. It
is also having other luxurious features like MP3 & Auto lift
which makes it very easy to lift up & lie on the bed, especially
for the old age & people suffering from paralysis. The features
does not end at this point even. This bed is supplied with 2 set of
external jade projectors
also for covering all our upper body organs.
One of them is 15 jade projector which is highly convenient to use
for knee, shoulder & cervical pains etc due to its foldable
feature & the other is 5 ball compact jade massager meant for
eyes, ears, nose & internal organs.

The Carefit Thermal
are especially useful (but not limited to) for Low / Mid
Back Pain, Neck / Shoulder Pain / Stiffness, Headaches / Migraine,
Sinus, Numbness / Tingling, Fatigue / Low Energy, Muscle Spasms, Low
Metabolism, Low resistance power, Blockages in arteries & veins,
Hypertension & Obesity & other common Health disorders like
BP, Diabetes etc
. Care-Fit Fully Automatic Infrared Masage beds are
equipped with advanced features at very low prices for most relaxing
therapy benefits. Definitely, its the LATEST MASSAGE BED with a low
price tag & latest features. These devices give the BEST VALUE
to everyone.

CAREFIT devices are natural, effective,
safe & drug-free
and it may be the best alternative therapy you
have been searching for. We sell all goods directly to end users and
on wholesale prices with 1 year on-site warranty.




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