Latest Carefit 4000 massage bed for korean therapy

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All of us are
already familiar with the health effects by the use of infrared
thermal massage beds from korean companies like ceragem. These
automatic massage beds are one of the best option for preventive &
natural healthcare at home with ease of use. These Korean therapy
ceragem beds works on the basis of production of heating far infrared
rays with the help of heated jade or tourmaline or even man made
hyegia stones. But these devices from such branded companies costs a
lot and does not fit everyone's pockets. Keeping this in mind,
Carefit India
has launched its most awaited very affordable priced
automatic thermal massage bed
range for home use with the same
originality of jade, tourmanium or hygeia stones along with same
health benefits with more feautures
as that of ceragem therapy.
These Carefit automatic massage beds (Carefit-4000, Carefit-4500) are
priced at almost 25-30% less than that of top leading companies. All
the Carefit Automatic Beds comes with FREE DELIVERY ANYWHERE IN
YEAR. You just need to order the bed of your choice in our Carefit
India website & the bed will reach to your door step within a
stipulated time frame. These Carefit machines are similar and some
models are even more advanced than others in the same segment.

such thermal massage bed is CAREFIT-4000 (similar to Ceragem RL-1
bed) that is equipped with fully automatic jade rollers for spine
therapy. There are 3 automatic therapy functions and 1 manual mode in
this bed. The manual function mode makes it easy to stop the rollers
at a particular painful position for more benefits. Most of the
korean therapi beds comes with one external jade heater while Carefit
4000 bed
comes with 2 external jade projectors. One external jade
heater is a 3 ball therapy device which is meant for giving therapy
on ears, nose, throat & other private body parts etc. The other
one is a 9 ball infrared therapy device which is applied on all upper
body parts like stomach, thighs, chest etc. It can aso be used for
manual 15 point therapy by other person. In this way, 2 persons can
use this bed simultaneously with their own convenience. There is one
other feature present in this bed which is not usually present in
korian beds. The major of the therapy beds do not have any infrared
heating device on leg side. But Care-fit 4000 bed is having a set of
165 tourmanium stones on the leg side which gives deep penetrating
far infrared rays on our legs. Due to this feature, Carefit 4000 bed
can be used with our back on leg side and still covering the whole
body with healing far infrared rays. Carefit-4000 is more advanced in
terms of its additional carbon fiber panels also. The Carefit-4000
Bed can be delivered anywhere in India free of cost and also carries
One year On-Site warranty service from the company.

The other
newly launched bed for Nuga bed lovers is Carefit-4500. It is having
all the features as above in Carefit-4000 bed. Carefit 4500 thermal
massage bed
is purely based on tourmanium stones instead of jade
stones. Tourmanium Ceramic stones are made out of tourmaline,
germanium volcanic rocks and elan rocks by powdering & baking
them at very high temperatures. In addition to the above features,
Carefit-4500 bed is having one roller extra for neck & cervical
region. It also contains 192 tourmanium stones on leg side instead of
165 stones present in Carefit-4000 bed. The more number of rollers &
stones means more far infrared rays and more comfirt in all respects.

There are many more Carefit equipments which are equipped
with best functions at very affordable prices for most relaxing
therapy benefits. Definitly, Carefit are the BEST BUY THERMAL
with a wholesale price tag, latest features &
direct service support from CAREFIT INDIA. These devices give the
BEST VALUE FOR MONEY to everyone. CAREFIT massagers are natural,
effective, safe & drug-free and it may be the best alternative
healthcare approach you have been searching for. Afterall, no on wish
to spend more when something better is available at no extra costs.

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