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This is a Patented product, which is being offered in India for the first time. The Sew Deluxe with an 8-part body has been used over many years by beginners and experienced sewers for use in sewing jackets, skirts, long and short dresses, coats and trousers.

There are 12 adjusting wheels. The foam backed nylon covering allows easy pinning and marking. The strong tri pod stand folds for easy storage. It is the most versatile sewing form on the market for the fashion industry. Fashion students would find it a boon. The form is fully adjustable and each body section can be adjusted to different sizes. The size range of the Sew Deluxe Small and Medium forms are given below for comparison:

Dress Form Model

Article No




Sew Deluxe Leg Form – 8 part – Small


33”– 41”(84cm – 104cm)

25.5”– 33.5”(59cm-81cm)


Sew Deluxe Leg Form – 8 part – Medium


39.5” – 47” (100cm-116cm)

31.5” – 39.5” (74cm-94cm)

41” – 49” (102cm-122cm)

The sew deluxe leg form has the additional feature of trousers/ pant fitting. In fact, it helps take the guesswork out of your dress work by making the adjustments for obtaining the correct measurements.

Select Size :Small

Article Number:91301

Price : Rs 12000 Rs 10800 10% Off

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